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A New Way to Look at Groups

ZoominLaura Leoni is the BNI Project Coordinator and has been a member since 2006. Laura has just implemented an impressive map that helps visualize the BNI groups across Canada. The system allows anyone looking for a BNI group to find the nearest one, sorted by meeting day.

Helping improve the system
Where can you join a BNI group meeting? Laura Leoni has now set up a detailed map of groups in Western Canada. The idea came to Laura when she was looking for a restaurant on Google Maps. It occurred to her that members and visitors would save a lot of time with an efficient search tool for BNI groups. To simplify the search, Laura also created colour pins indicating the day of each group’s meeting: blue means Tuesday, red for Wednesday, green for Thursday and yellow for Friday.

See the map of Western Canada here
See the map of Eastern Canada here

Laura Leoni actively involved in the development of BNI in British Columbia with seven active groups and five in development. Determined motivation is driven by the perpetual learning, meeting new people and the opportunity to help others have fun.

Contact Laura Leoni :
778 668-8589

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