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BNI Maharajas in India

BNI Maharajas in India

bni-around-the-world BNI India recently organized its fourth national conference, the largest ever, with 460 members and directors. The meeting honoured the BNI Maharajas of Service, Sales and Networking. This remarkable event offered guests the opportunity to focus on ways of generating more business.

A highly anticipated meeting in India
BNI India is known for organizing top-quality conferences. This year, the event brought together 460 member and BNI directors from six countries (the US, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Kenya) and from six major Indian cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Goa, Pune and Chennai). By assembling the leading experts in the field, BNI India aims to help its members make more money.

BNI maharajas
Three outstanding speakers were featured at the conference: the Maharaja of Service (Ron Kaufman), the Maharaja of Sales (Bob Urichuck) and the Maharaja of Networking (Dr. Ivan Misner). Ivan Misner, who is considered the father of modern networking, illustrated how to build up a personal network and how to generate referrals. Bob Urichuck is known as one of the world’s best sales trainers. He showed how to quickly and easily convert referrals into business using the ABC method. Ron Kaufman, founder of the Singapore Airlines customer-service program, spoke about the importance of building a culture of service as a key sustainable advantage in India. The conference also offered opportunities for one-on-ones and power-team networking.

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