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Donald Gillard Receives Okanagan Excellence in Design Award

PerformanceDonald Gillard is a Web graphic designer and a member of BNI West Kelowna. He recently received the Excellence in Design award, which was presented to him at the Okanagan Arts Awards ceremony. Okanagan’s Arts Council recognized Donald for his creativity, the diversity of his accomplishments and his innovative approach to problem-solving through design.

His contribution to Okanagan recognized
Donald submitted pieces from his large portfolio to the council.
As acknowledgement, the council awarded him a stunning trophy made by local sculptor Tina Siddiqui. Through this award, the council is expressing its thanks for Gillard’s contribution to the artistic enrichment of the Okanagan Valley.

Eclectic know-how
Gillard puts his eclectic talents to use for businesses, offering brand-creation and brand-management services and Web design. He counts many Okanagan businesses as his clients. You can see his work at www.triggerfish.net.

awardGillard is a graduate of the Industrial Design program at the Emily Carr College of Art & Design. In addition to designing logos, websites and products, Gillard is also a painter, sculptor and animation producer. His paintings, sculptures and products have been exhibited in Vancouver and as part of the popular Eastside Culture Crawl.

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