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0236_BNI_final-steven-berkeSteven Berke is a tailor and a founding member of BNI Ville-Marie since 2005. In total, he received hundreds of referrals for his “Steven Berke” brand of tailor-made suits. One of these referrals generated $15,000 in business. He is currently the group’s president.

Getting the best from the system
At first, Steven was very shy, but his active participation in the group allowed him to structure his infomercial, speak in public, and create strong bonds with professionals from various fields. To develop his network even further, Steven also visits several other groups. Through these efforts, he received hundred of referrals.

His best referral: The green vests
The “Steven Berke” brand is more expensive than most, so during his infomercial, Steven spends 30% of the time describing the specific attributes of his suits. He also offers clothing tips. But most of all, he asks if he can be put in contact with decision-makers, managers and executives who want to make a good impression.

Conveniently, the president of a golf club was looking to have vests made for his clients. He was introduced to Steven, who made the green vests that earned him $15,000. It was the perfect venue for Steven! Today, the golf-club members have become loyal customers.

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