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November is BNI Foundation Awareness Month

November is BNI Foundation Awareness Month

Beth Misner has a special request!

The Father of Networking’s wife, Beth has sent a personal message about the BNI Foundation, a non- profit program that supports charitable causes relating to children and education in countries where BNI is operating. Beth is asking that we add a special “give” to our Thanksgiving menu this year by donating ONE dollar, pound, euro or yen to the foundation during the last week of November.

We are asking that all chapter Presidents let the chapter members know about the “Each 1 Give ($)1 to Teach 1” initiative which will take place the last week of November. BNI members are encouraged to donate a minimum of $1 (or Euro or Yen, etc.) to the Foundation during that week. Donations may be made online at www.BNIFoundation.org. If the chapter’s meeting location has wireless Internet, why not have a laptop there for members to make their donations before and after the meeting?

If each member of BNI donates just $1 during Each 1 Give ($) 1 to Teach 1, the BNI Foundation would receive over $135,000.00 to use to support children and education during this challenging economic times. Will you help?

To learn more about the BNI Foundation’s work, please Like our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BNIFoundation

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