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Community involvement rewarded

Community involvement rewarded

On June 23, Adonna Greaves, the founder of Studio Adonnics (member of BNI West Island One) received the title of Montreal’s “Community Leader of the Year” at a prestigious event held at the Crowley Arts Centre. The event was held in association with the Montreal Alouettes, and was hosted by CTV’s Maya Johnson and Team 990 Radio’s Matthew Ross.

A fitness center with a commitment

The award received by Adonna recognizes individuals and organizations that make a difference through their participation as volunteers, community workers or companies that are active in the community.

Adonna is a fitness expert who founded Studio Adonnics to provide a non-competitive and non- intimidating environment for community members looking for enjoyable and effective ways to get back in shape or maintain their health, as well as for high-calibre athletes looking for an edge on the competition. The center’s philosophy is to teach each member how to “invest in themselves while enjoying the experience.” Its objective is to promote health and fitness to individuals, companies and schools through the M.I.C.S. Training Method (Motivating, Innovative, Challenging and Safe). Using a family-friendly approach, Studio Adonnics is educating people of all ages about the importance of exercise and the impact it can have on health and mental well-being. There is no limit to what we can achieve when we are confident, strong, motivated and balanced.

Sharing values

Studio Adonnics, represented in BNI by communications coordinator Lawrence Menahem, joined BNI West Island One Chapter in March of 2011. Studio Adonnics’ service offering is similar to the benefits that BNI provides: the creation of trust-based relationships based on human connections.

By participating in BNI, Studio Adonnics has benefited from referrals and has increased its membership. As Mr. Menahem says, “BNI members have become comfortable referring Studio Adonnics because they know they’ll receive personalized and professional service.” BNI members themselves also benefit from Studio Adonnics because they pay a discounted corporate group rate for their own membership at the center.

BNI members can now get fitter, stronger and healthier with the help of Studio Adonnics and Ms. Adonna Greaves, our Community Leader of the Year.

Lawrence Menahem, Communications Coordinator, Studio Adonnics info@studioadonnics.ca

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