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After a year of perseverance, he gets his best referral!

After a year of perseverance, he gets his best referral!

Marc Charette, a member of BNI Laval Affaires Plus was recently referred to Laboratoires Biron—and it turned out to be one of the finest referrals he’s received since joining BNI in 2007. Thanks to the referral, his company, Plani Bureau, will be furnishing the office space at Laboratoire Biron’s head office. And it’s a project that shows even more potential!

The result of a lengthy process

It took a year before real business resulted from what started out as a simple referral from Lyne Fortier, who was a BNI member in 2009-2010. After a meeting prepared through a BBI slip—as per the BNI method—Lyne put Marc in touch with someone she knew from her women’s business group. The woman, who worked for Laboratoires Biron, needed new chairs.

However, the job rapidly took on a whole new scope. Plani Bureau entered a competition with other distributors to go over the entire Laboratoire Biron head office. Marc won the $350,000 contract. And still the story was just beginning. By showing interest in the client’s development plans, Marc also ended up proposing furnishings for offices and rooms at some of its clinics. The outcome? Plani Bureau is now the official distributor for the Biron group across Canada!

Great potential

Even though the referral took some time before something concrete came of it, Marc now sees its full potential. Plani Bureau will be completely refurnishing about 10 new clinics of 3,000 and 4,000 sq. ft. between now and 2012. In addition, there is potential for work with Biron’s related services.

In 2003, Marc repurchased Plani Bureau, which had been founded in 1978. With nearly 100 different manufacturers, the company targets large and medium companies. Its clients include several hospitals, the National Bank, pharmaceutical companies like Vétoquinol Inc. and Laboratoire Innova, as well as TVA, Cogir and Hydro-Québec, to name only a few. By participating in BNI Laval Affaires Plus, Marc has gained a “sales team” of 23 professionals from different areas, who offer him advice, knowledge and support he can depend on.

Contact Marc Charette:
514-644-5553, ext. 221 mcharette@planibureau.com www.planibureau.com

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