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Always ready to help its members succeed!

Always ready to help its members succeed!

New BNI Founder’s Circle member Angela Greene is the owner of Elevate Retention and Managing Director of BNI on Vancouver Island. Angela oversees more than 400 members in 19 chapters and stands out for her leadership and strong desire to help others succeed. She was also thrust onto the international BNI scene thanks to her expertise in customer and employee retention, which was applied to chapter members. This month, Angela organized a networking event in downtown Victoria, bringing yet more exposure to BNI and its members!

A director with amazing results

During her visits to BNI chapters, Angela focuses on the importance of growth, quality referrals, and retention. Her team of nine assistant directors and ambassadors as well as the BNI members on Vancouver Island share this vision and are dedicated to participation and performance. Angela believes that mentoring is an important element in building member loyalty. Every three months, mentors meet with members to gauge their progress, offer guidance and answer questions. Angela and her team worked hard to get more chapters utilizing the BNI mentoring program. Consequently, Vancouver Island now has more trained mentors than ever. A study of the closed business and revenue made from members’ referrals showed that the effort has produced results. In 2011, over $10 million was generated from Vancouver Island chapters, which is actually below the true number since some members do not yet submit their revenue tracking slips.

A level of success equal to the level of commitment

To contribute to member and chapter development, Angela and her team took part in organizing a evening of networking held in September. The local event was a great success with approximately 80 attendees who met in a professional yet casual atmosphere. Although it was a networking event, it was also a recruiting opportunity as 50% of the participants were visitors. This gave members an opportunity to connect with non-members and invite them out to their weekly meeting.

To energize the discussions, Angela explained BNI’s Power Team model to the attendees and grouped everyone into BNI’s five Power Team groups. Everyone proceeded to network within their respective Power Teams for approximately 45 minutes. Each person made quality connections. One excited attendee left indicating, “I just made the connection of a lifetime!” Another went home with several new clients. Yet another departing attendee left the event saying, “This is the best networking event I’ve been to!” The event is being covered in Victoria’s Entertainment Maganize, SNAP, out this October. The night was a huge success for BNI Vancouver Island, click here to learn more about the event.

Angela has been part of BNI since 2006, with the aim to cultivate her company, Elevate Retention. After seeing the network’s potential, she decided to join the BNI team of directors. Elevate Retention helps organizations improve their customer and employee loyalty and delivers strategies on how employees can help maximize the return on their organization’s marketing investment as well as add to overall profits. BNI Canada hired Elevate Retention to help build member loyalty. This involved conducting an extensive study as to the top reasons why members leave a chapter along with recommendations to BNI on how to remain proactive in a continually changing market. Angela works with executives and staff in various industries, including financial services, retail, hospitality and computer sales, and has worked with companies such as Columbia Fuels, MD Esthetics, Serious Coffee Corporation and the provincial government, to name just a few.

Contact Angela Greene:

250-858-4088 angela@elevateretention.com elevateretention.com

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