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The Fastest Growing BNI Region in the World

BNI Vietnam was launched in August 2010 and has developed at a tremendous pace, making it one of the fastest growing BNI regions in the world.

On September 10, 2010, BNI Central in Da Nang launched, making it the 12th chapter launched in Vietnam in a period of just 13 months! Da Nang is the 3rd city in which BNI has opened operations.

It was a very successful launch with more than 100 participants. Da Nang BNI members were full of energy and enthusiasm, so much so that many visitors filled application forms to join the chapter at the end of the launch.

This amazing achievement in BNI Vietnam only could have happened with the strong leadership of BNI Vietnam National Director Michael Ho and the hardworking support from the BNI HQ Team consisting of Ms. Jennifer Nguyen and Ms. Diem Phuong.

Apart from focusing on new chapter development, the whole team is also focused on making every chapter green on the traffic lights and helping members make more money!

Congratulations to BNI Vietnam for your outstanding performance!

Y.P. Lai, National Director – BNI Thailand, BNI Vietnam, BNI Korea

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