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BNI Canada National Conference – A Sharing Experience

The 2012 BNI Canada National Conference lasted only three days but much was accomplished in the meetings at Montreal’s storied Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in the first week of May.

We wish to immediately thank FLS Transport Inc., www.flstransport.com and BRAJAY International Inc., www.brajay.com for their co-sponsorship that made this BNI National Conference possible. We also wish to thank the trade sponsors who also contributed.

The event brought together networking champions from across the country for a Givers Gain experience as BNI Directors gathered in Montreal for a few days of learning and sharing. Their goal was to ensure that BNI remains the leading referral organization in Canada.

One of those who shared was Pat Stride of Edmonton. She gave an enlightening breakout presentation on Hidden Elements of Great BNI Members. The presentation listed personal characteristics and skills, the most important of which is attitude. Another popular breakout presentation was made by Angela Green of Vancouver with contributions from Clare Martin of Vancouver Island on Quarterly Review for Success: a Mentoring Exercise. The presentation outlined how mentoring resulted in faster VCP, or visibility, credibility and profitability. More extensive reports on these two presentations can be expected in the next BNI Canada newsletter.

Deborah Foster-Stahle of Shanty Bay, Ontario, the BNI Director of National Training, delivered a report on training results for 2012 and worked out training priorities for 2013 with fellow directors.

A highlight moment was the presentation by Frank J. De Raffele Jr. on Members’ Day. With 300 plus BNI attendees Frank delighted everyone with a presentation on the New York Times best-selling book that is also reviewed in this issue of the newsletter Business Networking and Sex – Not What You Think. (Please read BNI on the Best-Seller List!) Frank had the rapt attention of everyone in the hall as he used humour and facts to describe how men are transactional and women are relational, and therefore network differently. There is a good chance that each of our BNI directors and members will improve the business they generate using some of the approaches described by Frank.

Another highlight moment came when founder Nancy Morgan addressed the Montreal gathering in excellent French.

The BNI Canada awards banquet was a welcome finale to this major annual event. BNI British Columbia was the big winner taking home the coveted BNI Givers Gain award. This trophy is given to the region that recorded the greatest growth in the previous year. Ian Scott, Managing Area Director for BC, proudly accepted the award on behalf of his team. Congratulations to Ian and the team for a job well done. One of the outstanding features of our organization is that we will share all the positive techniques that Ian and his team used last year with all the regions.

BNI Alberta has been awarded the 2013 National Conference to be held at a location that has yet to be determined. Be sure to book a ticket to the Rocky Mountains for next year. You won’t be disappointed.

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