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BNI on the Best-Seller List!

Well, not exactly.

But our founder and guiding light, Dr. Ivan Misner, was on the top of nine best-seller lists just this past February. They included top spot for the English-speaking world’s online bookselling giant Amazon.com, in the following categories: Business & Investing, Business, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Sales & Selling, Professional & Technical, Motivational and Movers & Shakers.

The book on top of all of these lists was Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think, co-authored by Dr. Ivan Misner, Hazel M. Walker, and Frank J. De Raffele Jr.

De Raffele said the biggest honour was unseating the Steve Jobs book that had been #1 in the Business category for months. “We never expected this type of reaction to the book,” said De Raffele. “Amazon has literally millions of books for sale at any one time. To become the #1 in any category is huge, but to become #1 in 9 categories is beyond our imagination,” he added.

Business Networking and Sex was released on January 2nd of this year and is based on a 4-year, 12,000-person survey of business professionals from every populated continent. The goal of the survey was to find out how men and women network, communicate and build relationships differently in the workplace.

“What we found is that women are better at building long term relationships, but men are better at ‘closing the deal’”, stated Hazel Walker, co-author and the sole female of the three authors.

“Our survey of 12,000 people revealed that women generated more business than men, while the women spent less time networking,” said co-author Dr. Misner in an interview on NBC’s Today with Hoda and Kathie Lee. “This is because women are relational and men are transactional. Women are better collaborators,” he added.

Dr. Misner, who is also the Founder of BNI, the world’s largest business referral organization, has written nine other books. Business Networking and Sex actually hit the best seller list in December before it was released in January. “I have never seen anything like this before with any of my other books,” said Dr.Misner. “This is very exciting and a statement to the importance of this subject matter to men and women business professionals around the world.”

Overall, combining all the above categories and including entertainment, literature, arts and everything else sold by Amazon.com, Business Networking and Sex was #2 on the Best Seller list. When one considers the seemingly limitless publicity and promotion budget tied to the book and movie phenomenon The Hunger Games, #2 is both exceptional and logical.

To find out more go to www.businessnetworkingandsex.com and to read a little of the book go to http://ow.ly/beey8

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