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Finding the Fit – Guillaume LeTual

Guillaume LeTual didn’t join the first time he attended a BNI chapter meeting, or the second time or the third. He did join, however, after attending a business breakfast of the Place Ville Marie chapter a little more than three years ago. It was much farther from his home base in Laval, but that didn’t bother him.

“The vibes were right for me, it was disciplined like I like it and it was about Business with a capital B,” says Guillaume. “The leads followed up with me the very next day.”

Guillaume is a Visual Artist and Multimedia Technologist in the film, music and art world, and a Web Development / Design specialist for the world of E-Commerce. He can make your company’s name pop up at the top of most lists on a Google search. It’s called search engine optimization. It’s pretty impressive and beats the heck out of being the 905th or 2,439th listing.

In the spirit of Givers Gain, Guillaume designed, built and now administers bnicanadablog

While stressing that he runs a very small company with a limited number of employees, his full-time workforce has increased by more than 50% in the three years since he joined BNI.

“Once you earn the trust of fellow members, you have access to their contact lists,” he says. “These are endorsements that come with credibility. If I want to reach the Director of BDC, I just have to find a member who knows the individual.”

Guillaume is running a little faster than before since BNI became a part of his world.

To see more of Guillaume’s multimedia technology, visit www.lumina-fx.com

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