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The Big ”GIVE”

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If BNI had a vocabulary that was limited to just three words, GIVE would be one of the three. That’s because while all BNI members know that Givers Gain, most of our chapters are now giving to their favourite local charities as well. In all, BNI Canada gave more than a quarter of a million dollars to charities in 2011 and that number is expected to increase in the coming years.

The number will increase because the number of BNI chapters is on the rise and the gross revenue of all the Canadian chapters is expected to grow. An equally important reason for the increase, though, is the fact BNI expects to receive authorization from the Canadian government during 2012 to issue tax receipts for charitable donations.

The BNI initiative has been headed by Patric Besner of Montreal firm Besner Business Lawyers. The boutique firm is specialized in corporate and commercial matters from the creation of companies, family trusts and mergers & acquisitions to shareholder agreements, protection of individuals and qualifications for the issuance of charitable receipts. Patric sits on several committees that have been consulted by the Quebec government on their latest reforms of non-profit organizations and the Income Tax Act.

“We have filed all the required forms and information for BNI,” said Patric when contacted by phone in late March. “Usually it takes between three and six months to be registered as a charity under the income tax act.  Unfortunately it takes a certain time to complete the process.”

It is a privilege for a corporation to be able to issue tax receipts, a privilege BNI Canada looks forward to having sometime in 2012.

If you are wondering what the other two words in the BNI limited vocabulary might be, would you agree with RELATIONSHIP and REFERRAL?

Patric Besner can be reached at pbesner@beslaw.com

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