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How to Generate Visitors – BNI Canada Podcast

Today’s podcast focuses on the theme ”How to Generate Visitors”

The following suggestion will assist Chapters to always have a steady stream of visitors (potential customers!) attending their business breakfast. Try it!  It works!

Listen here : How to Generate Visitors – BNI Canada Podcast English

Suggestion One: Every time you have a new member, make sure the New Member Orientation is done properly right after they have been inducted.  This step is crucial, and is the one opportunity that most Chapters miss!

During the orientation, explain that all the existing members have contributed to the Chapter’s growth, usually by sending out 30 letters and or emails of invitation.

(Often the new member will say, “Well, that’s how I came, so-and-so sent me a letter / or email!”)

Then explain that during their orientation they will be given a Contact Sphere and a copy of the invitation letter.  Tell them they will be put on the Speaker’s Showcase list for six weeks out (give them the date).   Ask them to send out 30 letters and or emails  of  invitation  to  business  people  they  know,  or  who  they  would  like  to  make  a presentation  to,  and  invite  them  for  the  day  of  their  presentation!

WHAT  A  GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM TO MARKET THEIR BUSINESS!  And the existing members get to network with their Contact Sphere as well.

Until then ‘’Givers Gain’’

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