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10,000 Pounds Collected for the Food Bank

BNI Success Network helped contribute over 10,000 pounds in food to the North York Harvest food bank. This is double the amount collected last year. The group presented the event “Midwinter Kitchen Concert,” featuring the bands Two Roads Home and Ceol Cara.

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Remarkable results
BNI Success Network was the main sponsor of the “Midwinter Kitchen Concert” for the second year in a row. Members collected 10,000 pounds of food in aid of the North York Harvest food bank. With the help of Displey Food Services, Spring Air Sommex Corp (makers of Obusforme mattresses) and the Delta Toronto East Hotel, the original goal of 5,000 pounds was met—and doubled.

Pooling expertise
Abby Zotz of Two Roads Home was the mastermind behind this idea, which she shared with the other band members. Meanwhile, Andy Hall, the 2009 President of the BNI Success Network, and secretary-treasurer Chris Marcucci, pitched the idea to BNI members. The group’s diverse resources and expertise contributed to the event’s success.

Even in a snowstorm, people came, bringing cans of food and grocery bags of donations. Two Roads Home and Ceol Cara put on a great show, and request for tickets for next year have already started coming in. The question is what will the target be for the 2012 Midwinter Kitchen Concert? Find out here.


Zoom In:
A New Way to Look at Groups

ZoominLaura Leoni is the BNI Project Coordinator and has been a member since 2006. Laura has just implemented an impressive map that helps visualize the BNI groups across Canada. The system allows anyone looking for a BNI group to find the nearest one, sorted by meeting day.

Helping improve the system
Where can you join a BNI group meeting? Laura Leoni has now set up a detailed map of groups in Western Canada. The idea came to Laura when she was looking for a restaurant on Google Maps. It occurred to her that members and visitors would save a lot of time with an efficient search tool for BNI groups. To simplify the search, Laura also created colour pins indicating the day of each group’s meeting: blue means Tuesday, red for Wednesday, green for Thursday and yellow for Friday.

See the map of Western Canada here
See the map of Eastern Canada here

Laura Leoni actively involved in the development of BNI in British Columbia with seven active groups and five in development. Determined motivation is driven by the perpetual learning, meeting new people and the opportunity to help others have fun.

Contact Laura Leoni :
778 668-8589

BNI Around The World:
BNI Maharajas in India

BNI Maharajas in India

bni-around-the-world BNI India recently organized its fourth national conference, the largest ever, with 460 members and directors. The meeting honoured the BNI Maharajas of Service, Sales and Networking. This remarkable event offered guests the opportunity to focus on ways of generating more business.

A highly anticipated meeting in India
BNI India is known for organizing top-quality conferences. This year, the event brought together 460 member and BNI directors from six countries (the US, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Kenya) and from six major Indian cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Goa, Pune and Chennai). By assembling the leading experts in the field, BNI India aims to help its members make more money.

BNI maharajas
Three outstanding speakers were featured at the conference: the Maharaja of Service (Ron Kaufman), the Maharaja of Sales (Bob Urichuck) and the Maharaja of Networking (Dr. Ivan Misner). Ivan Misner, who is considered the father of modern networking, illustrated how to build up a personal network and how to generate referrals. Bob Urichuck is known as one of the world’s best sales trainers. He showed how to quickly and easily convert referrals into business using the ABC method. Ron Kaufman, founder of the Singapore Airlines customer-service program, spoke about the importance of building a culture of service as a key sustainable advantage in India. The conference also offered opportunities for one-on-ones and power-team networking.

Expert Opinion:
Trigger a Referral Using Your Infomercial!

ExpertopinionInfomercials are an indispensible way of motivating members to refer you. What will they remember from your presentation? BNI Executive Director Ian Scott presents the fundamentals on how to optimize your presentation. Clarity and conciseness are the keys to success.

Adapt what you say to your audience

According to Ian, the basic principles for creating a successful infomercial are simple. Each person must think of the best way to ensure that the people in the room understand his or her message. Here are a few tips to do that:

  1. Give a meaning to your message
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Use keywords
  4. Make people want to know more

Five steps to getting referred

To be sure of creating a successful infomercial, Ian advises that you follow the five steps. In one minute, your presentation must say the strict minimum and answer one question: “How can I help you?” An effective infomercial gives members the opportunity to understand what you can do for them and their networks.

  1. Introduction
    “My name is Angela Greene, owner of Elevate Retention. I am an expert in customer and staff retention.”
  2. Tell a story (Unique Selling Proposition)
    “For my clients, I find out what their employees and customers “really” think of them. In order to do that, I ask them questions. At the end, I compile the anonymous answers in a written report with a suggested action plan that’s given to company leaders. Because respondents know their identity is protected, they give more honest answers to a third party. Then, with the relevant information and the proposed action plan, decision-makers can implement quality changes.”
  3. Ask for business opportunities
    “So a good referral for Elevate Retention is a proactive professional who always tries to be the best.”
  4. Call to action
    “If you hear someone talking about improving service and about customer loyalty, please give them my card and ask them if I can contact them.”
  5. Reminder
    “Keeping customers and employees first, Angela Greene, Elevate Retention”

Ian Scott is the Executive Director of BNI in BC. Over his 13 years of participation in BNI, Ian has developed uncommon expertise in word-of-mouth marketing. The 54 groups that are under his supervision are testimony to his passion for human relations.

Contact Ian Scott: