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BNI Chapter Grants Wishes to Needy Children This Holiday Season

This Christmas the Aurora BNI chapter, BNI Team XTreme, took it upon themselves to do something extraordinary for the community in which they work and live. The York Region Children’s Aid Society is a non-profit organization that helps children with difficult living circumstances and aims to keep these children safe and whenever possible, with their families. Unfortunately due to a wide variety of circumstances, many of these children are not with family and are alone over the holiday season, so the Children’s Aid Society runs a “Christmas Wish” campaign each year to help add some cheer to...
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BNI Canada National Conference – A Sharing Experience

The 2012 BNI Canada National Conference lasted only three days but much was accomplished in the meetings at Montreal’s storied Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in the first week of May. We wish to immediately thank FLS Transport Inc., www.flstransport.com and BRAJAY International Inc., www.brajay.com for their co-sponsorship that made this BNI National Conference possible. We also wish to thank the trade sponsors who also contributed. The event brought together networking champions from across the country for a Givers Gain experience as BNI Directors gathered in Montreal for a few days of learning and...
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BNI on the Best-Seller List!

Well, not exactly. But our founder and guiding light, Dr. Ivan Misner, was on the top of nine best-seller lists just this past February. They included top spot for the English-speaking world’s online bookselling giant Amazon.com, in the following categories: Business & Investing, Business, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Sales & Selling, Professional & Technical, Motivational and Movers & Shakers. The book on top of all of these lists was Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think, co-authored by Dr. Ivan Misner, Hazel M. Walker, and Frank J. De...
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