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Givers Gain & Collaborators too

GIVERS GAIN – and COLLABORATORS TOO BNI, as we all know, is about building relationships, Givers Gain, Power Teams, referrals and so much more. Now a couple of members of the BNI Excellence chapter in Boisbriand, north of Montreal, are showing us all that collaboration can be a key part of the successful business mix as well. The two members, Web Developer Benoit Legault and Professional Coach Brigitte St-Germain, joined BNI around the same time in the winter of 2012. They had a One-to-One early on, partly because of their similar timing. As Brigitte explained the goals, clientele and methods of her...
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A BNI Welcome Halfway Around the Globe

Geneviève Langlais, President of BNI Express, was visiting family in Southeast Asia in late-June and early-July which meant she would miss weekly meetings at her chapter in downtown Montreal. Using the Internet she contacted BNI Gateway in Singapore and that chapter’s President, Desmond Seah, quickly got back to her with an invitation for Geneviève to attend their July 3rd breakfast meeting. “I was curious to see if the Canadian and Asian BNI formulas for meetings were the same and they were,” said Geneviève. “BNI Gateway has 21 active and committed members who take their meetings very...
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Congratulations BNI Members! You Passed 7.1 Million Referrals in 2012!

Hot off the presses, the official statistics for BNI referrals passed worldwide last year have just been released! – Thursday, January 24, 2013 In 2012, BNI members passed 7.1 million referrals These referrals generated over $3.3 billion (USD) worth in business for BNI members Since 1985, BNI has generated over $27.7 billion (USD) in business for BNI members (!!!) Congratulations to BNI members around the world on playing such a huge part in helping the businesses of your fellow members thrive in 2012!  Your dedication to the Givers Gain® philosophy is the reason this organization...
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How to Generate Visitors – BNI Canada Podcast

Today’s podcast focuses on the theme ”How to Generate Visitors” The following suggestion will assist Chapters to always have a steady stream of visitors (potential customers!) attending their business breakfast. Try it!  It works! Listen here : How to Generate Visitors – BNI Canada Podcast English Suggestion One: Every time you have a new member, make sure the New Member Orientation is done properly right after they have been inducted.  This step is crucial, and is the one opportunity that most Chapters miss! During the orientation, explain that all the existing members have...
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BNI National News

BNI Canada membership fees will increase on October 1, 2012. The last fee increase took place in June 2010. (Some Ontario regions implemented the fee increase in December 2010.) The BNI Canada fees reflect the cost of doing business related to increased cost of living indexes along with any program enhancements designed to provide a better program for BNI members. There will be further information about the adjusted fees released during...
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