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BNI Chapter Grants Wishes to Needy Children This Holiday Season

This Christmas the Aurora BNI chapter, BNI Team XTreme, took it upon themselves to do something extraordinary for the community in which they work and live. The York Region Children’s Aid Society is a non-profit organization that helps children with difficult living circumstances and aims to keep these children safe and whenever possible, with their […]

10 Networking Questions – Part Three

This week we conclude the series of 10 Questions by Bob Burg, intended to help you with your networking.  7. What do you see as the coming trends in the widget business? I call this the speculator question. Aren’t people who are asked to speculate usually important, hot-shot types on television? You are therefore giving […]

10 Networking Questions – Part Two

This week we will be continuing with our theme of 10 Networking Nuggets for use at Networking Functions. 4. What advice would you give someone just starting out in the Widget Business This is my mentor question. Don’t we all like to feel like a mentor – to feel that our answer matters? Give your […]

10 Networking Questions – Part One

For the next three weeks we will be looking at Ten Networking Questions for use at Networking Functions. The subject is taken from an article in Masters of Networking by Bob Burg. I have ten questions in my personal arsenal. They are absolutely not designed to be probing or sales orientated in any way. You’ll […]

Givers Gain & Collaborators too

GIVERS GAIN – and COLLABORATORS TOO BNI, as we all know, is about building relationships, Givers Gain, Power Teams, referrals and so much more. Now a couple of members of the BNI Excellence chapter in Boisbriand, north of Montreal, are showing us all that collaboration can be a key part of the successful business mix […]

Google+ Hangouts: Great Networking Tool for BNI!

OK, as I write this we are in the middle of a major snow storm here in Oakville, Ontario. I guess being stuck indoors means no face to face networking or business meetings, right? Wrong! As the blizzard raged and the roads were impassable, I decided to hold a face to face meeting with 4 […]

A BNI Welcome Halfway Around the Globe

Geneviève Langlais, President of BNI Express, was visiting family in Southeast Asia in late-June and early-July which meant she would miss weekly meetings at her chapter in downtown Montreal. Using the Internet she contacted BNI Gateway in Singapore and that chapter’s President, Desmond Seah, quickly got back to her with an invitation for Geneviève to […]

Congratulations BNI Members! You Passed 7.1 Million Referrals in 2012!

Hot off the presses, the official statistics for BNI referrals passed worldwide last year have just been released! – Thursday, January 24, 2013 In 2012, BNI members passed 7.1 million referrals These referrals generated over $3.3 billion (USD) worth in business for BNI members Since 1985, BNI has generated over $27.7 billion (USD) in business […]

BNI Agora – Golfing for Breakfast $22,750

Golf is one of life’s true pleasures. At times a guilty pleasure when we should be doing something else. At times a frustrating pleasure when we can’t quite hit the drive, the approach or the putt the way Bubba, Phil or Tiger would, depending on what the shot is. At the very best of times, […]

How to Generate Visitors – BNI Canada Podcast

Today’s podcast focuses on the theme ”How to Generate Visitors” The following suggestion will assist Chapters to always have a steady stream of visitors (potential customers!) attending their business breakfast. Try it!  It works! Listen here : How to Generate Visitors – BNI Canada Podcast English Suggestion One: Every time you have a new member, make sure the […]

BNI National News

BNI Canada membership fees will increase on October 1, 2012. The last fee increase took place in June 2010. (Some Ontario regions implemented the fee increase in December 2010.) The BNI Canada fees reflect the cost of doing business related to increased cost of living indexes along with any program enhancements designed to provide a […]

BNI Canada National Conference – A Sharing Experience

The 2012 BNI Canada National Conference lasted only three days but much was accomplished in the meetings at Montreal’s storied Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in the first week of May. We wish to immediately thank FLS Transport Inc., www.flstransport.com and BRAJAY International Inc., www.brajay.com for their co-sponsorship that made this BNI National Conference possible. We […]

The Start of a Relationship – Bruce Elliott

Who doesn’t like to help someone?  No one – we agree. That’s because whenever you help somebody, you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself you smile and when you smile, it’s enjoyable to be around you. Being around you is one of the best ways to strike up a relationship and […]

BNI on the Best-Seller List!

Well, not exactly. But our founder and guiding light, Dr. Ivan Misner, was on the top of nine best-seller lists just this past February. They included top spot for the English-speaking world’s online bookselling giant Amazon.com, in the following categories: Business & Investing, Business, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Marketing & Sales, Sales & Selling, Professional […]

Finding the Fit – Guillaume LeTual

Guillaume LeTual didn’t join the first time he attended a BNI chapter meeting, or the second time or the third. He did join, however, after attending a business breakfast of the Place Ville Marie chapter a little more than three years ago. It was much farther from his home base in Laval, but that didn’t […]

The Hard Path Is Easier – BNI Canada Podcast

Today’s podcast focuses on the theme “Taking the hard path often makes life easier, while taking the easy path often makes life harder.” When a BNI group takes the easy path and doesn’t hold members accountable, the results is that the chapter struggles. Groups that work hard to maintain attendance and quality referrals flourish. If […]

The Big ”GIVE”

If BNI had a vocabulary that was limited to just three words, GIVE would be one of the three. That’s because while all BNI members know that Givers Gain, most of our chapters are now giving to their favourite local charities as well. In all, BNI Canada gave more than a quarter of a million […]

Appointments – BNI Canada New National Directors

BNI Canada has announced that Kai Bjorn and Derek Podorieszach are the new National Directors. They join the team of Nancy and Don Morgan, the couple responsible for bringing BNI to Canada 17 years ago. Kai has a sports background where performance was critical. He played for the Ottawa Rough Riders, Montreal Alouettes and Winnipeg […]

What’s New?: Champagne Evening Bubbles Over with Success

Congratulations to the marketing committee of the BNI Victoriaville Premier chapter, which held a highly memorable champagne evening on November 2. On the menu at this grand event: champagne, gourmet bites, advice from a sommelier, a silent auction—and 160 very satisfied guests! The “5 à 7″ cocktail party had three main goals: first, to give […]

What’s New?: Forty Plus

In January, BNI shines a spotlight on the newest groups to surpass the 40-member threshold: West Vancouver’s BNI Lions Gate, Ottawa’s BNI Westboro and Toronto’s BNI GTA. BNI Lions Gate BNI Westboro BNI GTA – Greater Toronto Area BNI Lions Gate Located in the city of West Vancouver, British Columbia, BNI Lions Gate has 54 […]